Chinese confinement food – Black fungus, chicken & ginger wine

Sometimes, our Chinese older folks make like the post natal period is a very complicated issue and causes a lot of new mothers to worry unnecessary. Although there are many basis for the do’s and don’ts, being the educated, modern moms, one should not just believe without some common sense.


Sometimes, what they suggested are extremely bad for health and dangerous to the new mothers and newborns. So, always rely on your doctors. For example, there are herbs and alcohol which can cause severe bleeding and if given to a woman who just delivered a baby, she may even go into shock due to sudden bleeding. Remember that the womb may not be fully healed and hence, do not take any herbs during that period. Our body needs nourishments from basic food stuffs such as those that have lots of fibres (oat is best), protein and maybe a bit of ginger to expel the gasses.

This black fungus with chicken and ginger is a very nice dish. You may add some DOM or brandy when your post-partum bleeding is not fresh blood anymore. A little of alcohol added into the cooking is ok, provided it is cooked for a while so that the alcohol is evaporated in the cooking. Otherwise, you may pass on the alcohol to your baby through the breastmilk.

To prepare :

Soak the thick black, fungus till soft. (it is said that the black fungus acts as a blood cleanser)

Chop chicken into tiny pieces. (You may want to try kampung chicken for the post-partum period.)

Huge piece of ginger, slice and cut finely

Sesame oil

Some alcohol like DOM or brandy (if preferred)

Dark soya sauce, light soya sauce and a bit of sugar and pepper


Heat sesame oil, stir fry ginger till fragrant, add in the chicken. Add some water and the black fungus plus the soya sauce. Simmer till the gravy thickens.

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