Do you want to get teeth whitening service abroad?

Recently, I made the mistake of brushing my teeth with a lemon flavoured toothpaste. I didn’t realise it was the cause of my sensitive teeth and suffered for several days until I discovered it was the toothpaste that is the culprit. During the sensitive teeth period, I couldn’t eat cold foods, sweet foods, many types of fruits and cannot even drink cold drinks.

It was such a torture until I started using sensitive toothpaste. After that episode, I went to my dentist for an annual check-up and she asked me to put a crown to one of my molar which had a root canal. I was reluctant as it is costly but she told me that my root canal and the filling in the tooth is receding and I have to do so. There goes $500 of my hard earned money to a simple crowning on my molar. That amount could feed my family for a whole month already!

Dental works are so expensive and it is really hard to part with the money. Otherwise, I will ask for a teeth whitening job done because I saw the posters on my dentist’s wall promoting celebrity teeth whitening. She told me it will costs several thousands of dollars to get my teeth whitened several shades. LOL, who has that amount of money?

That’s why so many of the Americans and British nationals are now heading to Poland for dental jobs. Everyone knows how important it is to have a perfect set of white teeth like celebrities. Those celebrity sexy smile will knock off anyone. Usually, they have a complete dental job done like fixing any crooked tooth, filling up gaps and of course, teeth whitening as well. This is when a directory of english speaking dentists in poland comes in handy.

Well, one definitely need not speak much at the dentist. At least, I don’t. How do one speaks when there are the drills, suction tube, cotton gauge and the dentist’s hands in our mouth, right? But you still need an english speaking dentist in poland or you probably cannot tell him or her whether you want a sexy smile like Tom Cruise or Simon Cowell.

Hmmm…I wonder how much cheaper it is to get a dental makeover done? Can the savings justify the costs of the flight? According to this site, one get save up to 70% on the regular fees they have to pay. So, folks, do take care of that set of teeth well. Otherwise, you will end up like me. Spending thousand of dollars on dental works.

Remember grandma’s advice – An apple a day, keeps the dentist away

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