Flowers and photography


I have a lot of photos of flowers. Here is a big bunch of pink and red ginger flowers. The ginger family which comprises the galangal, ginger, bunga kantan (the flower for laksa) and other species produce unique shape flowers. This flower is very hardy and beautiful in flowers arrangements.

These are photos I took during the Penang International Floral Festival which ended yesterday.

Below is a photo of orchid. Orchid is also another type of flower which comes in all kind of forms, shapes and colours. Malaysia has many rare species of rare orchid not found anywhere else in the world.


These photos are taken with my very old camera, Canon A10. Surprisingly, this camera produces rather nice photos, considering that I had given the camera to my toddler to play around the house, like a toy. A hardy camera indeed!

The below is a photo of gerbera. I love gerbera for it’s ‘artificial’ look. Gerberas are often used in flowers arrangement too because it looks really pretty in many shades of colours. I am not sure what those berries-like plants are. I like this photo for the different focus, of blur and sharp objects.

I realised that to take great photos, one does not really need a very advance camera. It lies more in the composition of the objects, angles, combination of colours and most of all, a deep interest in photography. The fact that I can snapped these photos with a camera that is already out of production, only 1.3MP and several years old is proof.

*still waiting patiently for my Konica camera to return from the repair shop*

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3 thoughts on “Flowers and photography


    (June 7, 2005 - 8:49 am)

    Went to the Floral exhibition over the weekend and as usual there was insufficient parking spaces. Many drivers then parked along the yellow line, and guess what? The enforcers came around and distributed the summons like Santa Claus! Really, there’s no point in holding a big function if they can’t resolve with the car park problem.


    (June 7, 2005 - 9:25 am)

    lilian, I do agree with you on the other factors of taking pixs. I am slowly learning all this since I only started taking pixs when my blog started. I’m using a pretty old camera also and it’s super huge! How I wish for a nice compact one so it’s easier to lug around.


    (June 8, 2005 - 2:07 am)

    boo_licious – You should handle the Nikon D70S camera. A dSLR model costing RM3.8K. Fuwah, soooo heavy and my palm almost terkoyak holding them because the length between my thumb and the other fingers are stretched. I think it weighs about 1lb. Anyway, I can’t afford it, so can sour grape about it. Hahaha. Oh ya, with the digital camera, I sometimes take 10 shots and find only one nice, acceptable one. No money involve, no films, never mind.

    fishtail – I got caught in the jam on Sat. late noon. I went to meet some members of my breastfeeding group who came from KL. At the Youth Park. Typical la, kasi saman baru ada revenue mah.

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