Good healthy food blogs are hard to find

Recently, I got a bit carried away while I was shopping. So, I came home with a stash of Indian herbs meant for detoxifying our system. I like Neem as I have heard so much about it from my Indian friends. So, what started as a bottle of Neem ended up with two other bottles of herbs.

Since I am on detox mode, I thought of changing my eating habits. Less meat, less fats, more natural foods and not so much processed foods.

However, I admit I am not a healthy eating person and hence, I am totally ignorant of what to cook and eat. Incidentally, I was asked to do a paid review of Not Just Apples healthy foods blog.

But guess what? I like what I found. I would recommend you to have a look at Not Just Apples because the blog is maintained with much care and love. You can sense the homeliness of the foods and how much the owner had done to share her food tips, recipe, ideas and more.

I didn’t know that a few simple, healthy ingredients can be put together to make a lovely salad or snacks. I ended up with lots of ideas on healthy eating.

Her photos of the foods are so lovely and I just love how she assembled all the foods and cutleries on nice table top to take the photos. It is the little touches that captured my interest because you can feel how much care and thoughts are put into those photos.

So, bookmark the blog if you are into healthy eating too. Healthy and yet, tasty, of course.

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