Happy Voting Day!

It is the Malaysia’s polling day today. March 8th 2008. I have not been posting much on any of my blogs except my personal blog because I am gripped with election fever. I had been out to ceramahs or political debates every night for the last three nights. Each night I spent about 4 hours and I just reliazed I had spent 12 hours on something that I don’t normally do.

So, in the deepest of my heart, I want the party I vote for to win. This is like one of those crazy reality shows or American Idol where you pine for your favourite and you just want him or her to win at all costs. The thought of losing makes me feel sick to the stomach.

Because of my current obsession, I have lost interest in eating. And I only cook when necessary. Most of my hours are glued to catching the latest political debates either online or at their roadshows. When I go out, normally, my eldest son will look after the youngest. Usually, I am just five minutes away from home so it is fine as my eldest is almost 18 years old and very reliable.

Anyway, my little boy will be glued to the TV or computer with my #3 son who is 12 years old. Actually, I don’t encourage parents to leave their children unattended with a PC because we never know what they may stumbleupon. However, my home adopts this open door policy where none of them are behind closed doors. So, they help to keep an eye on each other. Moreover, I have some basic softwares that filter off contents and websites that I don’t allow my children to use. I also have a rule that my 12 years old are not to get on any chat program.

Internet content filter is one solution to help us parents to keep an eye on our children. It will prevent these little ones from surfing to sites they shouldn’t go or chat with strangers. I have heard so much stories including children being cyber-bullied to the verge of suicide. So, that’s why I don’t allow my younger kids to sign up any chat program.

So folks, bear with me for a little while longer until I recover from my election fever. It will be over today. I hope.

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