Home is where the heart is

Have you heard Dr. James Dobson’s over the public announcement or radio? The local supermarkets here normally play his preachy words over the speaker and though I never pay attention to what he says, I know that those are pretty good and sensible advices.

Normally, when I am doing my grocery shopping, he will be advocating the importance of having family meals together and ensuring that the family eats together at least one meal a day. In our busy lifestyle, many families do not have this chance as the parents may be away working while the children are with maids. But parents have to make sure that they have this family time together as it is one of the most important family bonding hour.

Since I am a full-time mom and a pretty decent cook, we have a lot of meals at home. In fact, sometimes, we have meals at home for several days in a stretch. Therefore, our family bonding time is actually those meals outside. The moment we got in the car, we will be chatting all the way to the restaurants and back.

Therefore, it is my wish that through this blog, I can help more women to prepare simple home cooked dishes so that each family can benefit from the family bonding. Sometimes, preparing a meals can also be used as time for a lot of fun and action together. My children will help me and even my husband will joke around.

So dear parents, remember to built a happy home by eating together. I have seen many broken homes who eventually cause their children to become involved in a lot of unwanted situation. Substance Abuse for example is so common. It happens even to my relatives and it is a known fact that the family hardly meets at all as both parents were always too busy making money.

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1 thought on “Home is where the heart is


    (March 29, 2008 - 10:24 pm)

    excellent advice, meal time is always the best for busy family member to catch up. but one thing though, i am a guy, who regularly read your blogs and “copied” some of your recipe. no royalties, right? 🙂

    anyway, that must be Cold Storage. I used to wonder was someone put in the wrong CD for the audio. But the advices were pretty good.

    keep up the good work.

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