Mee and My Malaysia

Babe invited me to participate in the Merdeka event, call Mee and Malaysia. The first mee I can think of is SO-DO-MEE! LOL, Babe, I am not making fun of your theme, ok? But this is too hard to resist, as you can see.

BTW, Babe, yes, I will do something this year. I cannot comment in your blog because I normally do not sign in to Blogger or with my regular user name.

So, I have until 29th August, 2008 to cook a plate of mee and then, blogged it. If you wish to participate, please read the guidelines on Babe’s blog.

Meanwhile, I am contemplating what mee to cook. Sotong Mee? Let’s see….I fry omelette in tri-colour….put lots of sotong and call it so-do-mee. Can’t help it. I wish I can stand tall and proclaim I love Malaysia. But….

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1 thought on “Mee and My Malaysia


    (August 1, 2008 - 11:56 am)

    hahaha lilian, you’re not the first wid the sodo mee thingy hehehe… thanks for the pimp.

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