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I have lamented that I won’t ever get to travel overseas anytime soon because the children are all grown up and it will costs a bomb for us to go as a family. Moreover, my hubby has a new job and he won’t be able to take long annual leave for anything unless these are emergencies. So, when I took a look at this Canada Hotel Guide, I can only sigh and wish that I can make use of it. No chance, not now.

However, they do have some very nicely arranged city guides which are segmented by the different countries. For example, I have been to Melbourne and just took a look at what I had seen in Melbourne, Australia.

I like Australia due to its close proximity and the flight only takes about seven hours. So, if I have the chance, I will certainly go back to Melbourne again. However, if you are visiting Melbourne, do go in winter. Right now, it must be rather hot there and I certainly prefer Melbourne in winter because it has so much similarities to England. If I am there, I will certainly like to retreat to the mountains where the views are so magnificent.

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