Need to “Go Slow”

My dear hubby is starting a new job tomorrow. Sadly, that will also spell the end of the ‘honeymoon’ that we have these past two months. We didn’t manage to go anywhere except for a short trip to KK because my eldest son had his important exams while my second son is tied up with training for a youth camp.

Looking at the calendar, I guess we aren’t able to go anywhere in the next half year because hubby won’t have the luxuries of annual leave that fast. He is going to work, work, work except for the few public holidays when it is not the most ideal time to travel due to the crowds. Therefore, stuffs like beaches, vacations and colourful Hawaiian shirts and sarongs are going to be something that I can only dream off.

I wonder when my next vacation will come? Maybe sometime next year? Just for fun, I am going to put a vacation widget for a family holiday next year and see the countdown.

There are still so many days away but hey, it is good to have something to look forward to, isn’t it? Do click on the widget and see when I can go for a holiday. If you click further, it will brings you to some shopping deal. Why not get one widget for yourself and attach it to your blog, Facebook profile or even your iMac? If you are going for a holiday real soon, I bet it is thrilling to see the countdown.

For me, I just have to Go Slow, relax at home and enjoy the companies of my kids.

*Widget brought to you by Mad Gringo*

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