Of colouring eggs for Easter, baby showers and baby’s birth celebrations

Red eggs

Different culture celebrates the arrival of a new baby in different ways. For the Chinese, having red eggs is mandatory. The eggs were distributed when the baby is a month’s old. Colouring eggs is also part of the Easter celebration. Easter 2008 is celebrated this coming Sunday. There are also coloured eggs for Easter. Eggs signifies a new birth for Easter. Meanwhile, the red coloured eggs for the full-moon (or a full month) party of a new born baby signifies good fortune and life.

Meanwhile, Western culture cleberates the birth of a baby in another way. They actually welcome the baby before the baby’s birth. The pregnant mother will either throw a baby shower or her friends will help her to organise one. So, it is very common to hear of baby shower in the United States. In fact, with so many celebrities getting pregnant and giving births, it has almost become a trend to be pregnant.

So, baby showers are celebrate on a grand scale with a lot of special
baby shower favors that are not only beautiful but unique to each baby shower. Just look at this cute little baby bootie in glass with a thank you note that says : Thank you for coming. One can buy a full set of 30 comes with a clear plastic baby bootie, a personalized tag, matching ribbon, and an organza circle either in pink or blue. It looks so pretty but is actually not expensive.

baby shower favor

Well, I have never been to a baby shower before because over here, we only celebrate the birth after the baby’s arrival. So, I really do not know what exactly they do at baby showers. Maybe it is more of a group of women getting together and having tea and share pregnancy and delivery tales? I do know they have games as well. Hmm…what can a pregnant mother play during her pregnancy? Anyway, they have baby shower games and one of them is call ‘My water broke’. They buy these cute little baby toy and freeze it in cups. Then, when the guests arrived, they take one each and whoever’s ‘baby’ drops out of the melted ice is the winner? Hmmm…funny eh. I have never have my water broken in all my birth so I cannot say if it is fun to get ‘my water broke’ sensation.

I hope this little post on the difference of Western culture and Eastern culture in celebrating a baby’s birth is informative and interesting for you.

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    (March 18, 2008 - 10:42 am)

    Wow! What pretty red eggs!


    (March 18, 2008 - 7:26 pm)

    I must appreciate your work. from last couple of days i was searching for something interesting and this post is really nice.

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    (September 19, 2008 - 10:02 am)

    May I know where can buy the clear plastic baby bootie (penang)?

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