Preparing the home for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an important festival in my family as I was previously a Taoist/Buddhist who placed strong emphasis on doing everything right to bring good luck. However, I am not that superstitous anymore after I turned to Christianity. Still, it is good to have a good spring cleaning, throwing out old and broken […]

Big arrowroot soup with spare ribs

There are two types of arrowroot. One is the small, whitish bulbs like a small, yellow onion which is very popular during Chinese New Year because this small arrowroot makes good chips, very much like potato chips. You can find my recipe for making arrowroot chips for Chinese New Year over here. However, there is […]

Christmas without the frills

At this time of the year, I would be up to my nose with things to do. Turkey to roast, main meals to prepare, house to clean and many other things. But the flu bug has completedly knocked me off and all I did in these past two days are lying in bed, nursing a […]

The Healthy Fellow suggested hot drinks for colds

I have been running a chills, a bad cough that makes me feel like my lungs are going to be ripped apart and painful limbs. I walk around like an old lady because my soles hurt, by knees need readjustment before I can walk fast enough. With the chills, I also have a fever. Popping […]

I need a vacation!

I was shivering with chills and my body was aching all over. It is my own undoing because I slept very little, climbed a lot of hills, walked on the beach under the hot noon day sun and did almost every tourist activities non-stop. So, I ended up with a bad flu, headache and limbs […]