Penang International Flora Show, what international?

I have seen the same scenes for three years already! Three years with the same arrangements.


But at least, in the previous two years, they have lanterns and also some flowers from China, Thailand, Singapore and Holland. This year, every where is bare. The above is the garden in the Botanicals Garden, Penang. There’s nothing over at this side.


They call this International Flora show? Come on! I think the Municipal Council of Penang or the Tourism Ministry shouldn’t label this event as international and claim it as part of the Malaysia’s 50th year of Merdeka (Independence) celebration. It is a shame to show to the tourists how little effort we put in promoting the country. Tourists come by the busloads. What will they think of us? Throwing a few pots of flowers and plenty of nursery/gardening shops and it is call international?

The Penang Botanic Garden has a long history and I am sure it deserves a lot more honour than this. Long, long ago, during the colonial times, the British have brought in plants from the South of America and places from far away to grow here. Doesn’t the efforts deserve some recognition? I probably had read too many novels but I find it very endearing and touching to know these British men who really have a love of plants and painstakingly brought these plants by ships to be nurture here.

It is shameful that our Penang State Government has failed to promote this part of history. Yeah, we want to celebrate our independence. But who are the people who line our beautiful streets with those huge cascading trees? Where did all these trees come from? Certainly, they can highlight the plants and its history?


There are so many of these adeniums on display. You know why? Because they are supposed to be good fengshui plants and fetch good price. Again, Penang State Government – where are our bunga rayas? You have failed us in not promoting the beauty of our country but too eager with the international name.

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