Photos from Penang International Floral Festival

I have just returned from the Penang Botanical Gardens to visit the Penang International Floral Festival 2005. My camera is still in the repair shop and hence, I am using a very old camera to get the best shot I can.

If you are around Penang, do pop by before the floral exhibition is over. There are activities for kids and nature education. One of my son who tagged along enjoyed pounding spices, learning about making compost heap, observes the seeds and pods and also ketupat making.

There aren’t that many flowers from overseas but then, it is understandable that flowers are not easy to ship over. Moreover, our local flowers are beautiful enough, aren’t they?

A group of kindergarten children amongst the blooming, colourful flowers in the garden.
I am amazed that the orange flowers which cascade down the hedges seem to bloom at the right time. It is indeed a beautiful sight.

Orchids being a hardy plant, is the favourite of both Thailand and Singapore. There are plenty of exotic orchids on display. I can’t capture many photos because they are under very dark shades and the sky was dark as rain was coming. (When using macro mode, one cannot use flash, hence when lighting is bad, I can’t take macro shot. Anyway, my 1.3MP camera has nothing much to offer. Otherwise, I could have take a photo of the tiny ladybird perching on the orchid. Can you see it?)

These are giant chrysanthemums from China. They are really huge and fragrant too. I hope to get my Minolta Z3 camera back by this week and I will definitely return to take more photos.

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