Pineapple jam biscuit


I enjoy featuring traditional biscuits which had been with us since several decades ago. Earlier I had featured the sugar gems biscuit and also the cream crackers. Surprisingly, basic foodstuff like the cream crackers evoke many sweet memories for a lot of people

Today, I bought the pineapple jam biscuits from the shop. It is rather rich because you can actually feel the taste of the butter/margarine clinging to your mouth. I love the chewy taste of the pineapple jam in the middle. Don’t you think the biscuits are so sweet looking? (This is from Kerk’s, bought off the supermarket shelf. Cost about RM2.50 per packet.)

Penang has many types of special biscuits to offer which cannot be found anywhere else like the tambun biscuits, hneoh pneah (black sugar biscuit) and phong pneah. I haven’t got around to purchase them for consumption but rest assured that you will see them on Penang Faces blog soon.

For ease of surfing, I have opened a category for ‘biscuits’. If any one of you have suggestions to improve this site, feel free to comment. Even if the posting is months ago, please know that I get to see the latest comments coming in (even from old post), in a systematic order on my admin board. If I missed replying to some questions, you can always post your questions in the latest posting. I love sharing the wonderful food found in Penang, Malaysia.

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