Tea time place – Batu Lancang Market

Between 3 pm to 5 pm, it is the hardest hours to find decent foods around here because the lunch hour stalls are closed and the dinner time stalls don’t open till 6 to 6.30 pm. So, there are a few favourite tea time haunts we go to. One of them is the Batu Lancang market because I can grab some fresh vegetables, fishes and meats after we ate our tea.

ice kacang

There are two rows of foods stalls in the hawker complex. These foods are from the rows behind, i.e. if you are coming from the main entrance, those stalls at the back. One of the stall sells good aiskacang and cendol. My kids like their aiskacang kosong, i.e. only shaved ice and icecream. Otherwise, they will get me to pick out the corn, cincau, red beans and whatever they put into the aiskacang and eat them. Doh… Many ‘lansi’ aiskacang stalls refused to sell aiskacang kosong because they do not know how to charge us cheaply for them. They will warned me that whether they put the ingredients or not, the price is the same. However this Batu Lancang market stall does not mind selling cheaper.

hokkien prawn mee

If you go in to the hawker complex using the second entrance, where the Chinese gods altars are, you will come to a Hokkien Mee stall. Try it, it is very ‘prawny’ smell. However, if you go in from the second door, be prepared to be ‘harass’ by the competitive coffee stalls owners because they will usher you to their respective territory, i.e. the red chairs or the blue chairs. We normally opt for the lady one, some not-so-leng-lui but always dress very sexy-sexy because that corner is colder.


The not-so-leng-lui will get you seated while she orders everything for you. Such convenience, eh? I also like the char koay teow from that corner but waiting is a bitch.

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3 thoughts on “Tea time place – Batu Lancang Market

    cindy khor

    (August 17, 2008 - 9:40 pm)

    Ooohhh…. How I wish that there are restaurants selling ice kacang and prawn noodles here in Northern Ireland… ENVY…. (saliva dripping)


    (August 30, 2008 - 5:01 am)



    (August 18, 2009 - 12:06 pm)

    There is one chicken rice stall manned by two brothers which is my all time favourite chicken rice stall in Penang and I would claim Malaysia also…Business very busy during lunch and weekends…I must say the chicken rice gravy makes it special.The stall is just on the last corner behind Hiong Hiong CKT.

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