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I know I have not been able to update much with food blogs. The reason is because I hardly cook anything special. Due to the pre-election fever, we also didn’t go out for meals but stay tuned to the Malaysia election results.

My camera is filled with only photos of the elections and almost no food photos at all. However, I have not been neglecting this blog. I have actually bought a domain for this blog to better reflect its niche, i.e. Penang foods. I have moved some of the posts over but I didn’t manage to delete the remaining posts over on this site. I cannot have two similar site with similar posts so I need to transfer only Penang foods over and leave the rest of the recipes on this site.

Confusing? You bet it is. In fact, for those who haven’t got their own blog with their own domain and hosting, it sounds like a big daunting task. But trust me, once you are familiar, it is a breeze. These food blogs bring me money, enough to feed my family for a month. LOL, i.e. if we eat basic meals, of course. So, I work on them seriously.

If you have an interest, you should also think about starting your own food related blogs. You can find useful information on webhosting, domain purchase, site maintenance from site like this one which has lots of articles on how to start your own domain. They have given simple to understand tutorials and tips. I also started by reading and finding out on my own the tricks and tips on managing websites. So, you can also do them because it is not that difficult.

Beside articles on webhosting, they also have WordPress theme, forum and lots more. I hope you will find the site helpful to get you off on your own dot com!

Oh ya, I cannot reveal the new domain URL now because I have kept the site unreachable by search engines spider.

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