Fish maw, dried shitake mushroom

A. FISH MAW This is a photo of fish maw. It is rather expensive of about RM40 per 100gm. Fish maw is considered a delicacy by the Chinese. Fish maw is defined as : Fish maw is the air bladder of the fish. Its main function is to receive and expel huge qualities of water […]

Old hen

*Warning – chicken carcass ahead. No nice food photos, yet.* I am very delighted to find old hens in the supermarket today. Do you know that it is a rare ‘commodity’? Usually, all the old hens are sold to regulars like restaurants and hawkers. One has to pre-order them from the wet markets if needed. […]

Fermented red beancurd (nam yue)

This is the red fermented beancurd (nam yue) which is not commonly used except for a few dishes because of its strong smell and taste. Some of the dishes I cooked using this ingredient are: 1) Loh Han Chai 2) Braised yam and 3-layer pork 3) Stew lamb (with dong guai) 4) Fried chicken It […]

Lily bulbs – fresh and dried

Here is a photo of lily bulbs – both fresh and dried variety. Called ‘kum chum’ or ‘kim chiam’ which means golden needle. I think these are the lily flowers which have not bloom. The fresh variety is very sweet and taste good, being stir fried lightly with some garlic. In Cameron Highlands, these are […]

Mushroom, black fungus and stuff

Enoki mushroom or called golden needle mushroom is the white colour, long stem mushroom. It taste nice when fried with tempura flour. Or use in steamboats and tomyams. The black fungus is the fresh variety. It is crunchy and add ‘texture’ to steam fish, soup, stir fried dishes and also ‘kerabu’ or what we called, […]