Holidays are for foods, friends and families

I hope everyone is having a good time celebrating Christmas, which is over. And then Boxing Day and soon, it is the New Year’s Eve and then, celebrating New Year 2008. I am very excited for the arrival of 2008 because it is such a nice number and it is also the Chinese Lunar Year with the zodiac sign of the Rat. My hubby and third son are born in the year of the Rat.

As usual, holidays are when friends and families gather together for lots of foods and fun. Hmm…I just love the way the letter f is used here. While catching up with friends, one of them who is a nurse told us about the attractive life she has a maternity nurse in Dubai. Over there, she can help to deliver babies and those tales are enough to keep us glued for hours. Moreover, this woman now lives in a dubai furnished apartment and we were full of envy of her current lifestyle. She told us her place is beautiful like our five starts hotels here. She showed us photos of some of the self catering apartment in dubai where expats like the doctors stay.

Dubai is actually such a lovely place to stay. She told us that it is growing very quickly as a top vacation destination too and they have lots of Villas Dubai. However, the other thing she mentioned is Dubai is also becoming very popular among real estate investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio of properties. There are lots of rich guys there and she confided over wine and booze that she hoped to find one rich man there and married and never return home again. Naughty woman! Give her lots of alcohol and we get to listen to even more stories.

She explained that the reason why Dubai is becoming so popular among vacationers is that the area offers a lot to do. It makes for a great vacation for a couple or a family and she asked me to bring my family there and stay in one of these dubai hotel apartment. The beaches in Dubai are among the most beautiful in the area, and perhaps in the entire world.

That got all of us interested because she said there are plenty of activities to choose from in Dubai like the
Wild Wadi Water Amusement Park. They have large swimming pools and water slides; perfect fun for the entire family. In addition, the Dubai zoo is also among one of the more popular family destinations.

Now, will Dubai be our next holiday destination? We shall see.

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